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2014 Blooming Bash Artwork for Sale

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8th.jpg In March 2014, our students all created 3" works of art based on a grade level theme. The 3" squares were arranged by volunteers to create beautiful collages! The original works of art were auctioned off at the ECS PCO's yearly fundraiser, the Blooming Bash. We are holding a pre-sale on prints so you may add these to your collection. The anticipated delivery date will be for pick up at the Meet and Greet nights in August 2014. The posters will be approximately 18" x 24", and they will come unframed and without mats. Prints will be edited for size and color for the final product. $10 each. Order your prints today!

Kennywood Tickets for Sale

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ECS Kennywood Day is June 20.

ECS Kennywood Tickets are $23 each ($23.65 if paying by credit card). Compare to:
$39.99 Fun Day Pass (gate price)
$20.99 Senior Fun Day Pass (55 years and older)
$27.99 Junior Fun Day Pass (under 46" tall)
Free - children 2 and under
Tickets are valid any operating day from May through July 5, and any weekday during July and August ($10 surcharge if used on a weekend in July/August).

ECS Kennywood tickets must be purchased in person on the following dates:

April 25, 6-8pm at Earth Night at the Upper School
May 30, 8-9am and 3:30-4:30pm at BOTH schools
Checks, money orders and credit cards accepted. Please, no cash. It is recommended that an adult purchase tickets -- ECS PCO is not responsible for lost tickets or money.

All ECS families are responsible for their own transportation. Meet up with your family and friends at the ECS Pavilion #2 (behind the Jack Rabbit). Bring your picnic basket, cooler, and unwind!

Blooming Bash 2014 Update

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Thank you to everyone who was able to attend and/or support the Blooming Bash on March 29th! It was a very successful night of fundraising. We have exceeded last year's total of $13,800, but the final numbers are still being tallied. No matter what we raised, we can all feel great that the money will be used to further enhance our students' experiences at ECS!

Thanks to our sponsors and donors!

2014 Spring Flower & Plant Sale

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gerberadaisy.jpg ECS's annual Spring Flower & Plant Sale is back in time for Mother's Day and Spring planting! Annual bedding flowers, a variety of beautiful hanging baskets, patio planters and perennials will be available from the same vendor that Phipps Conservatory uses (so the plants will be fantastic!). We are also offering organic vegetables and herbs from Garden Dreams, an urban farm and nursery in Wilkinsburg.

Place your order online by Thursday, April 24, 2014. You can also print a paper order form and send it in to the school office with your check made out to ECS PCO by May 24.

ECS Polo Shirts for the 2014-2015 Year

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We are now taking orders for polo shirts embroidered with the ECS logo. Available in light blue and navy, these shirts conform to the school dress code and may be worn any day (students are not required to wear them). You must order by May 23 to have your shirt delivered in September.

These shirts are made by Fair Trade Uniforms which connects students, teachers and parents with the global Fair Trade movement, advancing economic development, women's rights, and fair labor practices in the developing world. Fair Trade Uniforms partners with projects that enable economically disadvantaged women to achieve sustainable employment. Buying these shirts from Fair Trade Uniforms enables women in Thailand to lead more dignified lives, feed their families, and send their children to school.

Download the polo shirt order form. Email shirts@ecspco.org with any questions.

Size chart.

IMPORTANT PCO Meeting Change

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As you may know, Monday nights will become increasingly important over the next few months as the Pittsburgh Public School Board considers a vote that would allow for an ECS expansion. In order to fully support the Catalyst Project's request for parents to participate in some of these upcoming board meetings, we've adjusted our PCO meeting dates for the remainder of the school year.

NEW PCO Meeting Dates:
Monday, March 31
Monday, May 5
Monday, June 2

Note: There will NOT be a PCO meeting next Monday, March 24.

The Catalyst Project will provide updates and requests for meeting attendance on the PCO page. In the meantime, you can help by writing a letter. For a letter template or instructions, please go to http://www.ecscatalyst.org/write-a-letter.html.

Blooming Bash Stay & Play

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The ECS Stay n' Play, brainchild of Megan Gregory, has been such a big success, that we wanted to offer a similar event for the night of The Blooming Bash on Saturday, March 29. This Stay n' Play will be hosted by the 8th grade students and teachers and will help fund the 8th grade Epic Road Trip to Washington, D.C. in June. The evening will begin at 6:30 pm and last until 11:30 pm at the Lower School, welcoming children in preschool (must be potty trained) through 7th grade. Children will have a fun evening creating arts and crafts, playing board games, being with friends, and snuggling up to watch a movie with popcorn as the evening gets later. NEW: Older students through 7th grade will have their own room to hang out with adult supervision while the adults enjoy the Blooming Bash. Since the event does run a bit late, we suggest sending your child in comfy clothes and to bring a blanket and pillow for movie time. The cost will be $25 a child or $50 per family. All money raised will go toward supporting 8th grade students who may not otherwise be able to afford the trip.

Please submit the signed permission form to either the Upper or Lower School Office. Send check or money orders made out to Environmental Charter School and in the memo write: 8th Grade Stay n' Play. We ask that all permission slips are turned in by Monday, March 24 so we can have a good head count. The RSVP date has been extended to March 27th. Thank you in advance for helping make our students' trip a reality!

Blooming Bash 2014

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Family Game Night at ECS

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Join ECS families for an evening of board games and bingo on Friday, February 28 at 6-8pm at the Upper School! This event is for families from every grade level - Kindergarten through 8th. We will have board games available for all ages, and we encourage you to also bring your own games to enjoy. Pizza will be served for $1.50/slice, along with a bake sale. Bring some extra cash for the board game raffle. 
PCO Executive Committee
Join the PCO Executive Committee! Nominations are now being collected for Executive Committee seats for the 2014/2015 school year. The deadline for nominations is April 30th. The slate will be finalized and selections will be made randomly by draw from a hat at the PCO meeting on May 27th. Nominations can be made by email to nominations@ecspco.org or by a written letter placed in the PCO mailbox in the school office addressed to Nominating Committee. Please consider volunteering for our great school in this way!

The Executive Committee consists of fifteen seats, all of which are filled by parents of children currently enrolled as students at ECS. In accordance with the mission of the PCO, the Executive Committee shall: direct and plan the activities of the PCO in general; coordinate the specific efforts and activities of PCO committees and initiatives; facilitate communication within the school community (Board of Trustees, employees, and parents); and carry out all routine tasks necessary for the fulfillment of the PCO mission.

Executive Committee Responsibilities
• Attend and participate in PCO and Executive Committee meetings (up to one general PCO and one Executive Committee meeting per month throughout the school year.)
• Respond to or acknowledge all PCO related communication within 24 hours
• Demonstrate willingness to participate in committee work.
• Volunteer at schoolwide events and fundraisers.
• Follow the bylaws of the Executive Committee.
• Abide by the will of the majority.
• Respect the privacy of all business and members of the Executive Committee.
• Meet deadlines and fulfill commitments.
• Resign if unable to perform these responsibilities as a member of Executive Committee.

PCO Board of Trustees Representative
The PCO is seeking applicants for a PCO representative to the ECS Board of Trustees. The PCO representative to the ECS Board of Trustees acts as the voice of the PCO at Board of Trustees meetings and will report to the PCO regarding the decisions and outcomes of those meetings.

Board of Trustees Representative Responsibilities
• Attend two meetings each month (PCO and Board of Trustees meetings)
• Submit a PCO report to the Board of Trustees monthly
• Provide the PCO with agenda, minutes and other public documents from the Board of Trustees meetings
• A two year commitment beginning in July 2014
• Fulfill the Board of Trustees' membership requirements*

If you are interested in this position, please write a brief letter detailing how you would best serve the PCO as the board representative. Submit your letter to the PCO Nominating Committee at nominations@ecspco.org by April 30, 2014. The PCO Executive Committee will vote to fill this position from the pool of interested applicants.

*A Board of Trustees governs ECS and holds the charter that enables operation of the school.  The Board is the official governing body of the school.  While day-to-day operations and programs are managed by the Principal and other staff members, the Board of Trustees is responsible for overall policy and governance.  The Board utilizes the following standing committees: Executive, Education, Finance and Governance.  The Board also utilizes a Personnel Committee and a Diversity Working Group.

Board members are expected to attend at least 75% of meetings and to sit on at least one standing committee.  The Board meets on the third Wednesday of the month at 6:30 p.m.  Meetings are public and are held at the school.  Board members are also expected to participate in an annual retreat, and to attend school functions as their schedule reasonably allows.

Board Trustees of ECS are considered to be public officials under the State Ethics Law, which requires that annual disclosure forms be completed by all board members and kept on file in the school.  The Board carries liability insurance coverage for its Board members and officers.

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